Who Are The Masons?

The Masonic Fraternity is the oldest Fraternity in the world. The Masonic Family includes Masons as well as organizations for their ladies, couples, and youth. The Masonic Family provides more than $2 million a day to charitable activities such as hospitals, youth scholarship, and those less fortunate than we. Masons are looking for men who wish to become better men, who are interested in giving back to their community and in self improvement. We welcome any inquiries concerning Masonry.

Our Vision

Freemasonry of Washington will be recognized as a relevant and respected Fraternity, committed to attracting and retaining all men of high quality who strive for Self Improvement and The Opportunity to make a Positive Difference in our community.

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest secular societies composed of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Members are taught for its precepts, series of ritual dramas which were of ancient forms and use Stonemason’s customs and tools as allegorical guides. The essential qualification and continuing membership is a belief in a Supreme Being. Membership is open to men of any race or religion who can fulfill this essential qualification and are of good repute.

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